Cat’s Out The Golden Bag!

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4 min readMay 16, 2019

Stock Market Trouble & Doomsday Basket

First and foremost, none of the following is to be considered as financial advice. This information is coming from a market research and development firm that specializes in speculative assets. These are our view on the market’s current standing. We openly admit to currently having a bearish bias towards traditional markets.

Our previous stock market publication was in October of 2018, 2 months prior to equities plummeting to the 1000 Daily moving average on Christmas Eve.

Since then the market has recovered and even posted new all-time highs. Which very exceeded what we thought was possible, but Gold’s current technical state could be indicating that it could have been the bull trap.

Last Friday on 5/10/19 we observed a falling wedge on Gold, and sure enough on Monday’s opening bell, Gold broke out.
As of current, 5/16/19, Gold has formed a bull flag since the breakout, with several targets overhead.

Typically not a volatile asset, and has been range bound since 2014, if this gold breakout sustains momentum and clears this range, traditional assets, stocks, and equities could be in big trouble.

Known as the go-to hedge, Gold’s breakout could be signaling incoming turbulence; the current falling wedge breakout has yet to reach it’s 3.4% target, indicating that more gains are ahead for gold.
Could this be an early signal to oncoming economic decline?


Talks of the ever-elusive China deal have kept indices afloat, that along with the current interest rate. The Fed’s decision in December not to hike interest rates saved the market from what was seemingly a flash crash. Our current view on the China deal is very negative. China is the largest purchaser of Iranian…



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