Cracking The Market Code

Copper Index, 4 Hour Chart
Gold Index, 30 Minute Chart
Silver Index, 30 Minute Chart

Back Testing

For backtesting, we’ll start with another unrelated asset, FedEx ticker “FDX”:

Strategic Components

What started as an observation, we evolved into a chart liquidity pivot formula and then our team was able to convert all the data into a TradingView Script, that we named “Phantom”.

Outer Bands

The outer bands act as boundaries and magnets, price action is likely to pivot from one end of the band to the next. From one liquidity zone to the polar opposite zone. Hence fooling bulls and bears equally, before heading to the next destination.

Inner Midlines

Inner midlines represent minor liquidity zones. Price action tends to chop at midlines on larger time frames and present great intra-day opportunities on smaller time frames.


Maximum liquidity zones happen at the extremes of trading ranges and mimic a false breakout. So what could seemingly be the ultimate drawback of Phantom is that the strategy would call for continued selling in an uptrend or continued buying in a downtrend. Which could lead to substantial losses if the fund manager isn’t aware of the shift in trend, nor is utilizing proper risk management practices.


“Buy low, sell high,” they say, and Phantom provides that and much more. Phantom is forward-thinking the indicator strategy that calculates maximum liquidity pivots on any scale and time frame.


Swing Trading

Whether day trading swings or trading larger timeframe swings, Phantom provides the most optimal buying and selling opportunities.


Scalp traders can seek a leveraged entry at a given signal and profit-take the next midline. Which according to our observations has been the highest probability outcome in all non-trending markets. But by doing so, they will not capitalize on the larger swing moves. But that’s what scalpers do.


Phantom is by far a superior hedging strategy. Highlighting extreme liquidity points of a range for traders to hedge both sides of a chart for a non-directionally biased position, in order to capitalize on the larger breakout.


Phantom was built with automation as the end goal. And our development team is applying finishing touches to the strategy’s automation, to any of the above parameters.


Can the code be cracked?



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