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6 min readApr 19, 2019

Comprehensive, Profitable, and Automated Altcoin Trading Solution.

Altcoin trade management can become a full time job full of conundrums. Questions such as when to profit take, when to add, when to trail the stop, when to exit the trade are questions that traders ponder on a daily basis.

“Plan your trade, trade your plan” has been preached in all markets, and the Cryptocurrency market is no different. But as a trader are you really executing your plan?

Are you profit taking at targets, are you trailing your stop into profits, how disciplined are you being?

At Coin Observatory we’ve determined that the lack of proper trade management and execution is a major problem. This led us to develop a solution to help traders and our VIP community. We present you our Signal Sniper Bot. The bot has been in testing for several months and we’re ready to showcase our wonderful UI/UX, ease of use, and most importantly profitability metrics using our auto trade feature.

V1 Features:

•User defined exposure, 0.25%-15% of account per signal.
•Automated Trade Execution:
• Stop Loss
• Profit Take 1/4 of remaining position at each Target
• Trailing stop to previous target
• Live trade display, with % gain from entry
• Closed trade history with overall gain or loss
• User Defined Trades
.Trailing stop of 8% once T4 is reached.

Supported Exchanges:



Using our bot is easy, simply connect your exchange accounts with API keys, enabling view balance, and trade permissions.

Then select your desired exposure, from 0.25%-15%, and the rest is automated.

Once the user defines a trade or with the automated Coin Observatory plugin once the team issues a signal, the bot starts execution.

The buy order is placed and so is the stop loss.

The bot will dedicate your desired exposure level of total account value to each signal and place a buy order along with the suggested stop.

At Target 1, 1/4 of the dedicated position is profit taken, and the the stop loss is moved to entry.
At Target 2, 1/4 of the remaining position is profit taken, and the stop loss is moved to Target 1.
At Target 3, 1/4 of the remaining position is profit taken, and the stop loss is moved to Target 2.
At Target 4, 1/4 of the remaining position is profit taken, and the stop loss then turns into an 8% trailing stop.

User Interface:

Upon sign-up, the user connects their exchange accounts via exchange API.Once the exchanges are connected via API the user defines which exchange they want to set as priority.

*Priority: Tokens listed on both exchanges will first attempt to trigger on the exchange account with set priority.
We tend to recommend that users set priority to Bittrex, as Binance has many coins unique to it. This tells our Signal Sniper bot to execute tokens such as XLM, BAT, ZRX and other dual listed coins on Bittrex, and reserve available balance to Binance specific tokens.

Next, the user defines their desired “Exposure” level. Exposure is the % of overall account balance to be entered in each trade. Once exposure is set, you’re ready to start trading equal sized positions.

You can do so according to your trading strategies by inputting your own trades, with Entry price, stop loss and targets. You can also connect Signal Sniper to Coin Observatory’s Signals for seamless signal execution.

User Trade Placement:

Users can easily define their trades, allowing Signal Sniper Bot to execute seamlessly and with discipline.

Once you define your entry price, the Bot will attempt to secure tokens as close to your entry as possible.

Since this tool is designed to make the most out of Swing Trades, 4 targets are required. Using a Fibonacci extension a trader can easily acquire 4 targets from any market move.

The bot requires a stop loss before a signal can be sniped. Therefor the user must define their risk before executing a trade.

Position Monitoring:

Active Trades:

Using the Coin Observatory Trade Monitoring System, you can observe current position standings whether in profit or draw-downs.

Trade History:
Another useful Signal Sniper feature is the trade history tab. It shows all closed trades with overall % profit or loss for each position.

Trade Opportunities:

Signal Sniper allows users to accept Coin Observatory curated trades individually using the Take Trade feature, or participate in all their trades using Auto Trade. These features can be found under the Signals tab.

Curated Trades: Once a signal is issued by the Coin Observatory team, users can log into their interface and chose whether or not they wish to take the trade.
Signal Sniper’s interface allows users to do so with a single click as long as the trade is between signal price and target 1.

Auto Trade: This feature accepts all Coin Observatory signals and trades them accordingly.

Profitability Report:

This report covers all trades executed by Signal Sniper utilising Coin Observatory’s Auto-Trade feature. The following profitability metrics are from trades closed between 2/10/19 through 4/6/2019, during this period several changes were made to bot’s parameters which include but are not limited to time delays, and trailing stop changes. This allowed for premature breakouts to partially profit take while protecting some of the initial capital from an early stop trigger.

The report includes the following:
• Actual Profitability
• Average win, Average loss.
• Account and exposure simulation.
• Winning/Losing streaks.
• List of all bot trades by date closed, with overall % gain after several profit takes.

*This is not a solicitation, it is a demonstration of our efforts, community efforts, and a showcase of our team’s talent and ability to navigate the Cryptocurrency’s Altcoin Market, utilising our latest tool.

Total Trades Executed: 134
Total Winning Trades: 76
Total Losing Trades: 62

Win/Loss Ratio: 1.22

Average Win: 14.37 %
Average Loss: -7.49 %

Actual Total Percent Profit: 1092 %
Actual Total Percent Loss: -464.39 %

Actual Profit/Loss Ratio: 2.35/1

Trade Account Simulation:

Portfolio Size: 2btc

Performance Streaks:

Winning Streaks:
Longest winning streak: 10 Trades
Date Range: February 25th — March 2nd
Total % profit: 122%

Largest winning streak: 8 Trades
Date Range: March 26th — April 1st
Total % profit: 236%

Losing Streaks:

Longest losing streak: 7 Trades
Date Range: March 3rd — March 4th
Total % loss: 54%

The above was also the largest losing streak.

Trade History:



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