$514 to $38k, in 90 days.

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22 min readSep 16, 2020

The Real Robinhood of Options Trading

Much can be said about the current market cycle, in a post-covid19 market crash world, where it took mainstream media 5 months to declare a “new bull market”. Smart money bought the dip. But buying the didn’t turn $514 into $38,345 and definitely not in 3 months. In this publication, I’ll show you what did!

I’m going to highlight some of the strategies I used, from psychological, to risk management; Adaptive position sizing for modifying exposure to keep up with the market’s volatility while attempting to not overexpose the portfolio. The journey from $514 to $38,345+ demanded adaptive strategies and stern execution.

Origins and inspiration, 2019 was the year of “small account challenge” many traders took to twitter and youtube with ambitious goals, but for some reason, the majority conceded most of their returns. The fad came and went, yet a few still try to take on wall street and the fed.

Turning a lunch-money budget into 10s of thousands is no small feat, especially over the course of 90 days. One’s timing and execution must be in-tune with the market. A ranging market makes achieving exponential returns impossible, hence identifying the catalyst or incoming market cycle is most monumental.

I’m a fulltime trader, and I lead a market research and development firm, my team of analyst-traders was handpicked and groomed over the period of 3 years, and our trader community is second to none. So if anyone should be able to beat Wall Street, it’s me.

Table of Contents:

The Instrument of Choice
The Precursor
Market Structure
Hyperwave, Momentum, Bubble On
The Fed
June, Starting Small $514–$2102
July, Market Tuition $17,841
August, The Trend $38,354
Risk Management
Shopping Options
Is The Bubble Over?
Forward Statement

The psychology of a “small account challenge” is by far the toughest especially when one is…



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